I'm JJ Soderling and I specialize in web development, content architecture, audio, and video production. My journey into the world of digital media began years ago—sparked by a need for websites, videos, and graphics for my music projects.

I studied informatics at Fort Hays State University—I'm now a content operations manager and a subject matter expert for Adobe Experience Manager at Elevance Health

Below is a timeline of my recent projects

Timeline of recent projects and milestones

Great things begin with ideas

I create intuitive user interfaces, logical websites, efficient networks, user-friendly systems, functioning processes, and more. I believe good design should be nearly imperceptible, simple, and of course, human-centered. Good design fuels innovation and is the key to crafting elegant solutions for complicated problems. Adopting design thinking and agile methodologies increase an organizations' ability to pivot, reiterate, and deliver requirements on time, no matter the impediments.

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Web Development

I create webites and single page applications using different frameworks and code bases. I am proficient with Adobe Experience Manager, Oracle WCS, WordPress, Drupal, and headless CMS integrations. I have many years’ experience with Php, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, and more.

Some of my recent work can be found on my front end designs portfolio page.


As a web developer working for one of the largest healthcare companies in the country, I tackle large-scale content migrations, software implementations, and efforts to upload thousands of annual enrollment documents for our members. I also build one-page websites, microsites, and blog articles. I am currently working to migrate large sections of our Oracle-based website to Adobe Experience Manager.

Audio Production

My love for sound began in my childhood. My father was an audiophile and exposed me to reel-to-reel tape, microphones, and vinyl records at an early age. He also had impeccable taste in music—no doubt sparking my interest in sound design. My DJ career began at the age of 17 and shortly after I began producing beats with an Alesis drum machine, a bass guitar and a Tascam four-track recorder. These days, I create sounds using state-of-the-art synthesizers, digital drum machines, and polyphonic legato samplers. I create mixes using analog turntables and wireless timecode devices to control cloud-based digital audio. As a recording artist, I have over 20+ musical releases on several labels and my podcasts have been downloaded over 100,000 times. I've even worked as an on-air announcer for KMBZ News Radio, here in Kansas City.


Shooting and editing video has been a passion of mine for many years now. When I was younger, I made skateboard videos and comedy shorts with my friends. In 2013, I spent a semester as an intern for the marketing department of KMBC TV in Kansas City, where I sharpened my motion-graphics-skills with Adobe After Effects. As a videographer, I have created a short documentary, countless promotional spots, music videos, interview shows, and visually immersive DJ performances. In 2015 I created the first high definition DJ mix show: Future Bass Live.

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